Surface Supply Air Diver 30 meter IDSA level 2


Surface supply air diver inshore course, students study surface supply system, using the control panel, umbilical and commercial diving helmets, students can communicate easily with their instructor to continuously receive his instructions or updates and have their breathing air through the surface allowing them to stay for a longer duration below the water performing different tasks.

They also gain the experience of using underwater tools and performing different tasks related to commercial diving like underwater welding, hydraulics, airlift, lifting bags ...etc.

In addition to practical study, students have to fulfill the theoretical part including diving physics, diving physiology, diving tables, underwater communications, diving related illness first aid, etc.

Graduates can apply for jobs in commercial diving companies, petroleum companies, ports, ship services, stations ... etc.

Course price includes :

  • Application fees and tests
  • Approved Medical examination .
  • Swimming training
  • commercial diver's log book
  • Textbooks.
  • Theoretical and practical study.
  • Final tests.


Certificates given at the end of the course:

  •  Surface supply diver 30 m certificate.
  • IDSA level 2 QC (optional)
  • First Aid Certificate.
  • Logbook with certified medical check and course dives.
  • Medical certificate from HBC
  • Educational statement with programs studied during the course.