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Welcome to Middle East for Commercial Diving, Middle East most successful commercial diving school. With a passion to help our students in the acquisition of commercial diving skills to build a career in commercial diving industry, and strong connections with the most prestigious commercial diving companies in the world, we have established training courses that are relevant to commercial diving industry requirements on a global level.

Commercial Diving for Commercial Scenarios

Middle East for Commercial Diving

Our constant communication with the world's top commercial diving arenas has allowed us to build paralleled expertise in the field. Moreover, we are the most up to date commercial diving school with industry's top professional team and modern equipment on board.  This is why our training programs allow our students to test their skills in a real time environment under the supervision of our highly qualified expert instructors. We provide the most comprehensive training for every commercial diving level.

ROV training

ROV pilot training

ROVs are a great invention but without people trained to operate them, we won’t be able to reap their benefits. We are offering the best ROV pilot technician courses for those who want to become pilots of the deep-sea world. All our instructors are well qualified and experienced so you can rest assured that you will get the best training and experience. 

Why Us?

Middle East for Commercial Diving

What separates us from others is our practical approach in our commercial diving courses. All our commercial diving, ROV and underwater welding training courses are especially developed in accordance with international standards, latest diving equipment and modern work fields.  Our education strategies ensure a successful career for all our candidates after their graduation.Our reputation based upon our experienced instructors, staff, programs and equipment quality.

We are :

Middle East for commercial diving

  • International Diving School Association Full member ( IDSA FF32 )
  • Egyptian Welding Society member EWS
  • American Welding Society AWS institutional member
  • Integrated technology transfer unit ITTU member - Assuit university
  • International Diving Safety Standards Commission member IDSSC
  • NAUI Affiliate Member
  • DAN professional partner
  • European Underwater Federation (NAUI Affiliate)
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001