ROV Training:

ROVs are a great invention but without people trained to operate them, we won’t be able to reap their benefits. We are offering the best ROV courses for those who want to become ROV pilots of the offshore deep-sea world. All our instructors are well qualified and experienced so you can rest assured that you will get the best training. 

All the courses in our training program are following the guidelines of International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) standards for ROV pilot technician training. That means you can start working as a ROV pilot technician immediately after finishing the training program. You won’t need any additional courses to pilot ROVs. 

Benefits of the ROV Training:

ROV pilot technician is one of well-respected and highly paid careers in the offshore. Training can help you to advance your career in the world of deep-sea piloting. If you are new in the field, then the courses can help you to develop a basic understanding of ROVs and become an expert with the help of our qualified instructors.



Our Courses


1. Standard Course ROV04:

If you have no electronic or technical certificate or awareness and you want to get ROV pilot training, then our standard course is the right choice for you. Not only you will get the basic ROV pilot technician training but also get the required ROV training for position of Pilot Technician Grade 2. During this course, our instructors will also give you hydraulics, sonar, offshore awareness and manipulator training. The Course content is in line with guidance documents IMCA R002IMCA R010IMCA C005 – R04SNR04SNR1005 and TEL2001.

2.Premium Course ROV05:

If you are new in the ROV industry and searching for some on-site training and you have electronic or technical certificate, then this course is the best for you. This course allows students to learn everything about being a pilot technician. Once you are done with our course, you will become ROV pilot technicians. The Course Content is in line with IMCA guidance documents IMCA R002IMCA R010IMCA C005 - R04 and SNR04.

3.ROV Supervisor Course:

Whether you want to upgrade your skills to get that promotion or your company wants you to learn a bit more about the field before they hand you more responsibilities, the supervisor course is ideal for you. You will learn supervising skills in a one-week on-site course and in one time be able to start handling more work. The course will include all the ROV training recommended by IMCA and listed in their guidance documents. The Course content is in line with guidance documents IMCA C011 and IMCA C005 – R01.

4.Supplementary Courses:

We also offer three different courses for new and old ROV pilots that hadn’t received some basic knowledge in their courses. 

·  Electronics & Fiber Optics:

This weeklong course will familiarize you with electronics and fiber optics, so you never have any problem at work again. If you are an ROV pilot, you should know your way around fiber optics. And you can’t lack basic electronics understand. If you do, you can join this course and catch up with your fellow ROV pilots. 

·  High Voltage & Fiber Optics:

This weeklong course is suitable for those ROVs pilots who are not trained about fiber optics and have trouble dealing with high voltage. With the help of this training, you will be able to become a fiber optics technician. 

·  ROV Familiarization:

If you are doing ROV training elsewhere but haven’t gotten basic introduction about ROV or if you work at one of the deep-sea missions and need to learn about the vehicles, this course can help you.